Welcome to the largest giveaway event in ChainGuardians history! We are excited to offer a total prize pool worth over $50,000.


The ChainGuardians ecosystem is massively expanding! ChainGuardians is 100% free-to-play and play-to-earn; however, it comes with no surprise that ownership of ChainGuardians native NFTs dramatically improves user experiences, elevates power ceilings, and increases revenue opportunities. As such, this giveaway highlights over $50,000 worth of prizes and is crafted for 43 unique winners with one goal in mind: empowering our supporters to interact with the ChainGuardians ecosystem; in turn, unlocking pathways of economic freedom through our industry-changing play-to-earn models.



An overview of the ChainGuardians CoinBurp collaboration.

Compliments of the ChainGuardians Design Team
  • ChainGuardians NFTs to be added to the CoinBurp Marketplace
  • Increase exposure of ChainGuardians NFTs
  • Bridge the CoinBurp and ChainGuardians communities

ChainGuardians are thrilled to announce a collaboration with CoinBurp to list ChainGuardians NFTs on the CoinBurp marketplace. CoinBurp is a project focused on bridging the worlds of CeFi and Defi through increasing the adoption of DeFi in the traditional financial landscape while simultaneously bringing a user-friendly interface. This collaboration is vital to ChainGuardians as global exposure of NFTs and Blockchain benefits continues to spread.

ChainGuardians’ NFTs being listed on the CoinBurp marketplace further…

An overview of the ChainGuardians and NFTify collaboration.

Compliments of the ChainGuardians Design Team
  • ChainGuardians to create Storefront on NFTify.
  • ChainGuardians to create a NFTify themed Guardian.

ChainGuardians is pleased to announce a collaboration with NFTify for the creation of a storefront for improved NFT access. NFTify is a platform designed to give easier onboarding of NFTs for small businesses, which can be used alongside a business model and without the roadblocks of current NFT platforms. This collaboration is extremely important, and it gives way for businesses to use the power of blockchain technology to create non-fungible assets to be used as they see fit.


A comprehensive overview of sustainable business development efforts since ChainGuardians’ IDO.

A graphic detailing a “Guardian Recap”
A graphic detailing a “Guardian Recap”
Compliments of ChainGuardians Design Team

A Brief Overview

ChainGuardians is moving fast. Not the wrong kind of fast — quality isn’t sacrificed for quantity; in fact, our team works endlessly to prioritize sustainable growth, business development, and community-oriented initiatives. So what does that mean? Actions, not words, reflect growth. Since IDO, our internal team size has doubled, the operational budget has expanded, and the received collaboration requests have continued to increase. Most importantly, while ChainGuardians encompasses several competencies, our vision remains mass adoption of blockchain gaming! …

Liquidity Mining, NFT PoS mining & Staking — the best of DeFi and NFTs

Since the inception of ChainGuardians 18 months ago, we have been working closely with our loyal community to build a unique and sustainable ecosystem, which places the players at the heart of everything we do. ChainGuardians is the world’s first blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem; combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies.

As a result of our strong belief in community led growth and our mission to underpin and enhance the fundamental value of NFTs, we will be releasing a governance token which will enable game-play rooted in play-to-earn.

Introducing ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG): an ERC20 token that will empower…

このたびChainGuardiansチームは、MyCryptoHeroesのNFT(ヒーローアセット)保有者が、ChainGuardians BYO-NFT(Bring Your Own NFT)マイニングゲームにて、NFTを使用できるようになったことをお知らせします。この機能は6月10日の12:00 UTCから開始され、新しいユーザーインターフェースと並行して開始されます。




  1. 新規ユーザーのログインについて

The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to advise that MCH NFT holders will now be able to use their assets as part of the ChainGuardians BYONFT (Bring Your Own NFT) Mining Game. This function will be live from 12:00 UTC on the 10th June and is launched in parallel with our new user interface.

The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce a complete overhaul of our BYONFT (Bring Your Own NFT) PoS Mining Game. The new user interface is live now and can be found here.

We anticipate that the changes and improvements to the user interface and user experience will bring a more immersive experience for new and existing players.

A list of changes and improvements:

1) New User Sign-up Flow

Previously users were required to visit SafeName.io, the crypto-aliasing platform which enables ChainGuardians to combat fake accounts and botting. …

This article should be read and understood in tandem with the ChainGuardians handbook, which is available here. You can also find the overview of the crates and sale information here. This article is designed to assist potential sales participants in evaluating their options and is composed of the following key areas:

  • NFT Valuation Overview
  • Valuation Factors: Army Rank, Uniqueness, Rarity, Natural Ability, Elemental Type
  • Circulation
  • Items

NFT Valuation Overview

All our collectible assets are of a limited quantity; which ensures they retain their scarcity and value within marketplaces. After this sale, there will never be any more of these particular Guardians or supporting…


A crypto-meets-anime NFT game based on the #Ethereum #blockchain.

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