Chainboost 2.0 Launches MetaXseed

2 min readApr 3, 2024

Greetings Chainboosters!

We’re thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for our dedicated community of stakers via a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) round for MetaXseed!

Introducing MetaXseed
MetaXseed is pioneering a new epoch in gaming. Their mission is to make gaming more democratic for players, taking a giant leap forward from the existing capabilities of web3 gaming studios.

The MetaXseed ecosystem is designed for mass adoption, offering players smooth access and rewarding engagements across all its platform-hosted games. MetaXseed empowers gamers to dive into over 30 studio games on both PC and mobile devices with unparalleled ease, courtesy of straightforward onboarding and a transparent web3 environment. By pledging to reroute up to 60% of ad revenues directly back to the players, MetaXseed underlines its commitment to cultivating a fair and thriving gaming ecosystem.

Mark Your Calendars: MetaXseed KOL Raise Key Dates

An exhilarating chapter is on the horizon for Chainboost 2.0 and our community. Please note the critical dates for the MetaXseed KOL raise:

  • Express Interest: April 3rd, 10am UTC
  • Snapshot Date: April 10th, 10am UTC
  • Contribution Round: April 11th, 10am UTC
  • Warp Speed Round: April 12th, 10am UTC

Stay Tuned for More Updates!
This KOL raise is a unique opportunity for our community to directly engage with MetaXseed’s groundbreaking initiative, leading the charge in gaming innovation. Stay connected with us on our social channels for all the latest updates!

About Chainboost 2.0

Chainboost 2.0 is a next-gen launchpad designed to catapult Web3 startups into the stratosphere of success. Powered by $CGG, our ecosystem is now fortified with three core offerings: an incubator with comprehensive support from conception to launch, a Boostpad for decentralized capital raising, and the unique BoostScore system to incentivize positive community engagement and project support. Chainboost 2.0 distinguishes itself by offering unmatched services tailored to the needs of Web3 projects. From legal support, influencer networks, post-IDO support, to integration with ChainGuardians’ NFT Mining Platform, we provide the tools and exposure necessary for projects to excel.

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About MetaXseed

MetaXseed is revolutionizing the gaming industry by merging the realms of blockchain technology with the universal appeal of gaming. As a pioneering Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem, it’s poised to transform how players engage with mobile and PC games. With a portfolio boasting over 30 games that are both published and ready for players to dive into, MetaXseed stands at the forefront of the gaming evolution. It aims to democratize the gaming experience, ensuring fairness and providing a seamless transition for players into a world where their achievements and contributions are rewarded like never before.

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