ChainGuardians’ Captain Devex Attazer PreSale Ends

The ChainGuardians Team are pleased to announce a close to our Captain Devex Attazer pre-sale series and we’d like to thank all community members and others who participated.

As a result of your fantastic support, all of the Captain’s which were provisionally made available on OpenSea were sold out! Based on discussions with our community and amongst the team, we’d like to reward you all by confirming that no more Captain Devex Attazer’s will be minted so that the value of your asset remains at a premium.

As part of our previous announcement, we confirmed that a number of Captain Devex Attazer’s of different Uniqueness (Legendary/Rare and Uncommon) would not to be sold during the initial stages of the pre-sale for varying reasons, including: competitions, bounties and our quarter four crate sale.

Out of seventy-five (75) Captain Devex Attazer’s which were minted, the following numbers were locked and made unavailable for purchase:

  • Two (2) out of three (3) Legendaries
  • Four (4) out of seven (7) Rares
  • Twenty-Two (22) out of sixty-five (65) were Uncommon.

The remaining twenty-eight (28) Captain Devex Attazer’s, which are currently not available for purchase on OpenSea, will be dispersed in the following ways:

  • One Legendary will be auctioned at a date soon to be confirmed. The remaining Legendary will be found in our crate sale.
  • Two Rares will be auctioned; one Rare is to be distributed as a reward as part of the bounty programme and one Rare will be found in our crate sale.
  • Two Uncommons are to be distributed as part of the bounty programme rewards; ten Uncommons will be made available for purchase at an increased price from the initial stages of the sale and ten Uncommons will be found in our crate sale.

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support and patience during a period of busy development. Look out for further updates across our social media channels in the coming weeks!

Kind regards,

The ChainGuardians Team!

A crypto-meets-anime NFT game based on the #Ethereum #blockchain.

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