ChainGuardians Integrate MCH Assets into Bring Your Own Mining Game

The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to advise that MCH NFT holders will now be able to use their assets as part of the ChainGuardians BYONFT (Bring Your Own NFT) Mining Game. This function will be live from 12:00 UTC on the 10th June and is launched in parallel with our new user interface.

The addition of MCH assets will enable MCH NFT owners to log-in to the ChainGuardians site select MCH NFTs, and submit their assets for mining. Once users’ assets are mining, players will be able to earn passive CGC (ChainGuardians Credits) to spend in the ChainGuardians main game.

Japanese players can select the Japanese language function at the top right of the screen as displayed below to obtain a more user friendly experience.

The integration of MCH assets coincides with a host of improvements to the user interface and user experience of the mining game. A list of changes and improvements can be found in our article here.

As part of this communication, the ChainGuardians team are excited to reveal that MCH assets will be integrated into the ChainGuardians browser game in the form of raid bosses. This will present new experiences for players and MCH asset owners.

MCH asset owners will have the opportunity to stake their assets as raid bosses to gain passive CGC (ChainGuardians Credits). CGC can be used to purchase in-game items, consumables, upgrades and assets for the ChainGuardians main game. The first three assets which have been selected as raid bosses are: Guan Yu, Amakusa Shirō and Sun Tzu.

As part of the ChainGuardians story LORE, players will be sent back in time to fight historical heroes (MCH characters) in order to further develop their combat skills in the fight against the Gatekeeper tyrant.

The current target date for this next phase of integration is July 13th 2020. However this is suspect to change depending on challenges within development.

We’re very excited for the next phase of development to include MCH assets within the ChainGuardians universe and hope to see more players coming to play our games. Please note: MCH asset owners will need to set their ETH address to public within MyCryptoHeroes in order to view their assets in the mining game.

The ChainGuardians Team.


A crypto-meets-anime NFT game based on the #Ethereum #blockchain.

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