ChainGuardians Launches Internal Staking of $CGG

ChainGuardians adds internal staking with unique gamified characteristics to our DeFi platform.

Courtesy of the ChainGuardians Design Team

ChainGuardians pride ourselves on being a community-focused project first and always, which has driven us to innovate upon existing blockchain offerings at an ever-increasing pace. We are thrilled to share with the community the details of our internal staking mechanism, the next vital development in our gamification platform designed to engage users at every step in the seamless crypto experience our community has come to expect from the premier innovators in DeFi technology.

As this is ChainGuardians technology, you can rest assured that great care has gone into the conception and balancing of the components comprising this foundational element of our integrated platform. Staking on ChainGuardians is designed to be efficient and straightforward — let’s break the process down…


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