ChainGuardians Unleash New User Interface for BYONFT PoS Mining Game and Launch MCH Asset Support

The ChainGuardians Team are delighted to announce a complete overhaul of our BYONFT (Bring Your Own NFT) PoS Mining Game. The new user interface is live now and can be found here.

We anticipate that the changes and improvements to the user interface and user experience will bring a more immersive experience for new and existing players.

A list of changes and improvements:

1) New User Sign-up Flow

Previously users were required to visit, the crypto-aliasing platform which enables ChainGuardians to combat fake accounts and botting. Whilst SafeName still runs in the background, users can now experience a more friendly sign-up flow which enables them to register directly through the ChainGuardians website.

2) More Intuitive Interface

Previously, users had to select assets through a tick-box on a less friendly interface. Now users can experience a much more pleasant interface with a clear, consistent and concise selection process for their mining teams.

3) Addition of MCH Assets

As part of our partnership with MCH+, MCH NFT holders can now look forward to putting their assets to work to earn CGC (ChainGuardians Credits) for use in the main game. The addition of MCH assets adds them to the currently supported BYONFT Cryptoverse Alliance Partners.

4) Quest System

In order to provide users more opportunity to interact with the mining game and enjoy new features, we’ve implemented a quest system which enables players to multiply their hash rates based on meeting certain requirements. For example: form a team of miners consisting of MCH and ChainGuardians assets.

5) Additional Language Support

Until now, the only language which has been supported for mining was English. Now users can select their preferred language choice at the top right of their browser window to select between the currently supported: English, Japanese, Viatnamese or Chinese.

6) Links to Partner Storefronts

Based on community feedback and to enable a more user friendly experience, we’ve also added a handy link to our Partners’ OpenSea storefront pages. All of the BYONFT (Bring Your Own NFT) Cryptoverse Alliance Partners including: MCH, CryptoBeasties, CryptoMorph, ChainGuardians, CryptoSkulls and Ethermon have been added.

We’re ecstatic to be able to bring these changes to miners based on invaluable community feedback and the hard work of our website development team.

We trust miners will much prefer the new user interface and hope that more players join our game to stack CGCs (ChainGuardians Coins)!

The ChainGuardians Team.


A crypto-meets-anime NFT game based on the #Ethereum #blockchain.

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