Guardians Ecosystem Update: September 29th

All the latest from the ecosystem that never stops innovating!

Welcome Guardians, Boosters, and Versers to this Ecosystem Update! The past two weeks have been filled with detail-oriented DAO activity, progressive platform updates, globetrotting media appearances, and a barrage of energizing announcements setting things up for an action-packed autumn/spring. The ChainGuardians ecosystem continues to expand and deliver on its mission to bring NFT and blockchain-based solutions to the world through innovating decentralized solutions leveraging the most important element of all — our global community.

With so much going on across the ecosystem, tracking it all can be difficult! So, without further ado….

Zombunnies delve into satisfying popular demand for more extreme ChainBunnies interaction, putting a unique and terrifying spin on PFPs with exciting gamification functionality. While joining their former burrow buddies in fulfilling NFT utilities, Zombunnies will be making an all-out assault on PFP culture with amped-up artwork, a sick new set of traits, and an emphasis on rarity and collectibility.

Coming this Halloween, embrace the FUD.

We’ve dialed in a repetitive but imperative messaging framework — cgDAO represents a bottom-up approach to ideating and shaping the future of the ChainGuardians ecosystem through decentralized voting and the democratic culmination of ideas. The rollout has been met with mixed success but with incredible community engagement and feedback. Star contract #1 and the revote narrowly missed soft quorum targets, while star contract #2 passed with flying colors. This led the cgDAO community to a spirited and impassioned conversation inclusive of ChainGuardians NFT-weighted voting power.

It is with great joy that we announce that we’re continuing to implement a series of defining elements to cgDAO — including NFT-weighted voting power! Making its appearance in the near future, NFTs will add the following voting power effects:

  • Guardians: +3,000 voting power
  • Captains: +2,000 voting power
  • Lieutenants: +1,000 voting power

Stay up to date and take part on the cgDAO platform here!

Whispers from afar reveal civil unrest amongst the ranks — the emergence of ChainGunnies has brought to the surface a brilliant question: “Why are ChainBunnies getting a game before the ChainGuardians RPG release?”

Synopsis to the relatively long-winded answer: the game development teams for each product are separate. In anticipation of the Zombunnies release, we wanted to deliver a unique, experiential utility tied to our favorite Bun Buns. In delivering ChainGunnies, ChainGuardians RPG has not experienced a slowing or change to development timelines.

The ChainGuardians RPG team is working on a special development update. #StayTuned 👀

ChainGuardians artists extraordinaire Noi and Ash vehemently work to bring exclusivity, rarity, immersion, and beyond to Guardians in the ecosystem. The most recent masterpieces include:

  • RPG mob overhaul and critter design
  • RPG randomizer redesigns
  • Zombunnies final design approvals
  • Zombunnies ultra rare series completed

The Zombunnies ultra rare series comprises five custom-designed Zombunnies — adversely affected by the FUD gas, these Buns are true outliers, for better or worse!

The reaction has been amazingly favorable from those present at NYFW, as well as from media covering the event, including a business feature in Business Insider, a tech-focused article in HypeMoon, and our fashion featured in Harper’s BAZAAR and Elle, with an intense amount of buzz created within the fashion industry!

As part of ChainGuardians’ media coverage, we have been featured in over 160 stories with highlights from Hypemoon, BAZAAR, Elle, WWD, Business Insider, and many others.

This is why it matters: a total reach of 226 million. The ChainGuardians vision has always been the mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain gaming; extending audience reach and targeting traditional markets makes our goal more attainable.

What’s next? ChainGuardians announces the $1 million phygital grant as covered by Yahoo Finance.

Unless you’ve been letting FUD get to you too much or been hiding under a rock, you know that Ben and Ryan from the ChainGuardians marketing team faced off in a battle of Buntastic proportions!

During the event, the team revealed that Multi-Player is in the early testing stages, with a third mode commencing development.

Most importantly, early access is currently in progress! Do you want to join the exclusive ranks of early testers? Learn more about how to join the ranks in the ChainGuardians Discord.

P.S. We’ve heard that the best ‘in’ is to make fun of Ryan’s ‘hare’ line. 😄

That’s a wrap for this Ecosystem Update! As you can see, there are more opportunities to participate and contribute to the future of the ChainGuardians ecosystem than ever before. Expect things to to take a terrifying Halloween-inspired turn in the coming weeks as the battle for Buntopia approaches and the zombunification grows ever nearer, bringing new dimensions to the possibilities of PFP culture. Drop by the cgDAO, peruse the discussions at Discord, and stay tuned to our announcement channels for up-to-the-minute details so that you don’t miss out on the action as the ecosystem continues to roll out the best in user experiences.

Until next time,

CG Ecosystem Team ❤

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