Introducing the Boostscore by ChainBoost 2.0

5 min readMar 13, 2024

Chainboost 2.0 introduces Boostscore — a revolutionary system designed to rate and reward active users based on the level of participation and project support. This rewards active users with higher allocation opportunities, incentivising positive user support.

What is the Boostscore?

Users who participate will benefit from increased likelihood of future allocation allowance; whilst project owners will enjoy greater peace of mind as they will secure valuable long-term community members.

Tour Boostscore will determine our likelihood of securing project allocation, by placing you in a probability group which measures your chance of winning a slot in the project your “express interest” in.

Representational Example

You can find your Boostscore and which tier you fall under by heading onto (only visible after logging in)

Boostscore Breakdown

Your Boostscore is calculated as the sum of your ecosystem participation. In the past, the Boostscore formula was kept under lock & key; however, recently we have decided to make the calculation public to promote transparency and to let the community make their own decisions in terms of certain holdings.

You can maximise your Boostscore by:

1 — Holding Chainbunny
2 — Holding Zombunny
3 — Holding ChainGuardian NFTs
4 — Holding CGG
5 — Moving CGG across our ecosystem
6 — Undertaking general social tasks
7 — Understaking project specific tasks

More details on each of these are presented below:

1 — Chainbunny holding:

The Boostscore obtained from holding Chainbunnies NFTs is capped at 600.

2 — Zombunny holdings

The Zombunny holding has been simplified to be a factor of its rarity. The rarer the NFT, the higher the score. You can easily check the rarity of an NFT by viewing it on Opensea.

The number here is the rarity of the NFT.

The Boostscore obtained from holding Zombunnies NFTs is capped at 800.

3 — Chain Guardians NFTs holdings

The Boostscore of the CG NFT is a factor of its army rank

The Boostscore obtained from holding CG NFTs is capped at 300.

4 — ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG) Holdings

The amount of CGG you hold is directly proportional to your Boostscore. This is the only uncapped factor on your Boostscore. Therefore, the more CGG you hold, the higher your score.

5 — Moving CGG across our Ecosystem

For every 50 CGG held, you gain 1 Boostscore point.
You gain a 20% bonus on your CGG holding for bridging and holding the tokens on Chainverse. You can find a link to the Chainverse RPC here:
You gain a 25% bonus for staking CGG on the internal staking platform linked here:

CGG on chain contracts:

You can bridge your CGG holding to Oasys/Chainverse using Tealswap.
For cross-chain bridging you can also utilize Celer bridge.

6 — Boostscore Social Tasks

Another change our users will notice is creation of social tasks that add Boostscore bonuses. These one-time tasks will appear occasionally on your profile page and provide you with the opportunity to add to your score. For example:

7 — Boostscore Project Tasks

When a new project is launched, Project specific taks will also be created, and you can participate during the whitelisting process for that project. These tasks and the temporary boostscore bonus will reset when a new project launches.

8 — Loyalty bonus / snapshot

The snapshot is another critical implementation designed to encourage users to maintain a high Boostscore. Before the launch of a project, 2–3 snapshots of your Boostscore will be taken at random times.

These snapshots will be used to tally the final score that will determine your whitelist eligibility for a project.

In essence, users who frequently prop up their CCG/NFT holdings prior to a project being announced and dump shortly after will find themselves at a steep disadvantage when compared to users who consistently hold their assets.

9 — KYC requirements:

Another change implemented is the amount of CGG required to be held to be able to KYC for Chainboost 2.0. A minimum of 2500 CGG will be required (to be held in the wallet), to be able to KYC for Chainboost 2.0. However, for a limited time during the launch week, KYC requirements will be lowered to holding 500 CGG.

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