What are ChainGuardians NFTs?

An introduction to the NFTs that power the ChainGuardians ecosystem

Courtesy of the ChainGuardians design team

ChainGuardians is a Metaverse ecosystem underpinned by NFTs, a set of blockchain-based platforms interacting through on-chain and social engagement designed to incentivize and reward user participation. NFTs are key to this engagement. They represent ownership of valuable assets that enable users to monetize their efforts while enjoying the immersive worlds, engaging gameplay, and rich social experiences the ChainGuardians ecosystem offers.

There are a number of NFT collections with broad utility in the ChainGuardians ecosystem, each with a “home platform” but with uses extending across all three: ChainGuardians, ChainBoost, and Cryptoverse.

NFTs Packed With Utility

Encompassing three platforms, each offering a range of opportunities, the ChainGuardians ecosystem is designed to instill each NFT involved with the maximum possible utility. NFTs are key to the function of each platform and to the interactions between them, weaving the parts of a full-featured game, defi launchpad and incubator, and a Metaverse into an integrated ecosystem. Doing so rewards a user’s every interaction with further opportunities to take part in the future of blockchain-based gaming and social engagement.

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